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    A.R. Coatings

    We offer all of our in-house A.R. coatings with back side only A.R.


    All uncuts ordered with Razar XT, Razar XTC and Razar CP receive a gripper coating which aids in the edging of A.R. coated lenses.


    Our in-house, state of the art A.R. Facility provides:

    Premium scratch-resistant, anti-static A.R. with a hydrophobic topcoat. 




    Premium scratch-resistant, anti-static A.R. with a premium super oleophobic topcoat.




    Super premium scratch-resistant, anti-static A.R. with extended life super oleophobic topcoat.



    Front Side Protection Against BLUE Light


    Patients who use smart phones, PC’S, tablets, TV’S or LED lamps are great candidates for this new technology that offers excellent anti-reflective and scratch coat protection along with backside UV protection and front side BLUE light protection up to 440-480nm. Compare our price and quality with other blue light AR's on the market. Our surface and coating quality are among the best in the industry. No one beats us in Quality!


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