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    Chemistrie from Eynavision with a patented magnetic lens layering system delivers style and flexibility with a patented magnetic lens layering system that lets eyeglass wearers add a sun, reader, 3-D, or even Chemistrie Blue with just a click.

    CHEMISTRIE BLUE RELEASED TO EASE DIGITAL EYE STRAIN Chemistrie lens layering system now offers a computer eyewear solution

    Chemistrie Blue is a computer lens layer designed to filter out a portion of High Energy Visible (HEV) light, commonly referred to as blue light. This lens layer easily attaches to any pair of glasses using the patented Chemistrie magnetic system. Excessive blue light is associated with today’s modern technology including computer screens, smart phones and tablets. These devices can cause the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (DES) including eye irritation, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and general fatigue. According to a recent study by the Vision Council, nearly 70 percent of adults in the United States have suffered from DES.

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