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    Specialty Edging

    We offer edging of specialty frames such as Oakley Flak Jacket, Nike Sports frames and wraps. Let us edge your difficult jobs on our MEI-641!

    Commit Oakley

         Introducing our newest addition, the Mei641! It enables us to increase edging productivity, as well as flexibility through fast, accurate edging of simple and complex edge types. The Mei641 has six spindles, allowing us to process jobs that require Straight bevels, Inclined bevels, Rimless with drills, Grooves, and Polishing in addition to T-bevels and Steps backs (Shelf).


         Since our Mei641 edges most lenses (up to 16 diopters), even the most complicated jobs are easily edged, and we have the ability to meet the difficult requirements of the latest fashion demands. 

    MEI 641 Edger

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