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Independent Just Like You

    Central Optical Laboratory, founded in 1958, is a family owned and operated company. Originally founded in Yakima, Washington, we are now located in beautiful downtown Clarkston, Washington. 


    Currently we are in our third generation as an independent wholesale laboratory. We continue to take pride in our personalized service and quality products in order to assure your patients satisfaction. We will give you the quickest and most friendly customer service available. Our outstanding quality and service is standard on every Rx that we process and at a very competitive price.

    Celebrating 64 years!

    64 years!

    Varilux X-Series Now In-House


          Now available, KBCo polarized mirrors! Five different products available; plano, Eagle single vision, Eagle progressive, Autograph 2 single vision, Autograph 2 progressive. Red and gold mirrors base color is brown, the other six mirrors base color is grey. Razarback XT comes on the backside of all KBCo polarized mirrors.

    KBCo Polarized Mirrors


    •       Easy to fit

    •       Minimum fitting height 15mm

    •       Great for students/computer use

    •       Smart blue filter filters 20% of harmful blue light

    •       Primarily for pre-presbyopic patients

    Eyezen Lenses


         Introducing our newest addition, the Mei641! It enables us to increase edging productivity, as well as flexibility through fast, accurate edging of simple and complex edge types. The Mei641 has six spindles, allowing us to process jobs that require straight bevels, inclined bevels, rimless with drills, grooves, and polishing in addition to t-bevels and steps backs (shelf).


         Since our Mei641 edges most lenses (up to 16 diopters), even the most complicated jobs are easily edged, and we have the ability to meet the difficult requirements of the latest fashion demands. 

    MEI 641 Edger

         Chemistrie from Eynavision with a patented magnetic lens layering system delivers style and flexibility with a patented magnetic lens layering system that lets eyeglass wearers add a sun, reader, 3-D, or even Chemistrie Blue with just a click.

    CHEMISTRIE BLUE RELEASED TO EASE DIGITAL EYE STRAIN Chemistrie lens layering system now offers a computer eyewear solution

    Chemistrie Clips



    Front Side Protection Against BLUE Light


    Patients who use smart phones, PC’S, tablets, TV’S or LED lamps

    are great candidates for this new technology that offers excellent anti-reflective and scratch coat protection along with backside UV protection and front side BLUE light protection up to 440-480nm. Compare our price and quality with other blue light AR's on the market. Our surface and coating quality are among the best in the industry. No one beats us in Quality!



         BluTech Lenses filter high-energy blue and ultra-violet light using ocular lens pigment. BluTech lenses are available in most Shamir freeform design digitally surfaced products

    BluTech Lenses

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